NwLiquid BandageYokoYoko1

Product Features

  • For hangnails, cracks, paper cuts and minor cuts
  • Fast drying liquid bandage which covers and protects painful wounds when doing painful works such as kitchen work and taking shower.


Product Details

Made in Japan


  • Pyroxylin      12%


  • Do not apply on the following areas: sore or purulent wounds; the eyes and its surrounding areas; mucous membranes; large or deep cuts/wounds; eczema; bleeding areas.
  • The following persons should consult a physician before use: persons receiving medical treatment; persons with a history of allergic reactions to drugs; persons who are hypersensitive
  • Stop using this product immediately and consult a physician if you develop a rash, reddening, itch, swelling due to the use of this product, or if symptoms persist after using this product for several days
  • Intentional removal of applied bandagecan be done by applying a new layeron the top of the dried bandage and rubbing the liquid while it is still wet, until the bandage comes off
  • Do not wash the brush with water (the liquid may condense on contact with water)