About Us

Information about KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 
KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established in 2010. Since our establishment, we have been maintaining the operating policy of our head office in Japan with the vision of “Something New, Something Different”, playing an important role in Singapore market.

Perpetual Revolution and Expansion of Product Market Territory
As a subsidiary of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company Limited, the indispensable role of us is to exploit the Asian market. We are engaged in the marketing and selling of products of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group in Asia Pacific markets including Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, etc. With the boost and support from the head office in Japan, we have our unique marketing strategy designated for Asian market. We take proactive initiatives to explore the market potential such as conducting tests and evaluations on the concept of new products; adopting diversified advertising and promotional strategies; and launching a variety of sales and promotion activities from small to large scale.

We always lay great emphasis on the importance of healthy and comfortable living, and the establishment of a close relationship with every customer. According to recent surveys, in the light of different kinds of sicknesses caused by the intensified global warming and environmental pollution, healthcare consumers are eager to look for a more comfortable and quality living in pursuit of better daily necessities and healthcare products. In respect of developing local market, we will continue to launch new products to expand the market share.

Our Determination: “Life Long Commitment” to our Customers
We committed ourselves to develop various innovative products for different purposes. Our parent company’s vision of “Something New, Something Different” together with its motto of “You Make a Wish and We Make it Happen” always drive us to attain to perfection and change, and to look for new healthy living concepts in response to ever changing needs of the market. This is what we call a “Life Long Commitment” to our customers.

Penetrating Across Our Asian Networks, Our Household Brand Has Gained a Formidable Reputation
Working together in close partnership with major pharmacies, supermarkets, chain stores, department stores and other retailers, we are ready and set to open up different markets for future development. Products we have launched in Asia currently are comprehensive that cater to customers’ needs with caring in every aspect, including pharmaceutical products, personal care products abd household products. KOBAYASHI has become a reputable household brand from generation to generation. Our products like Ammeltz, KOOLFEVER and Sawaday are widely popular and well-known to the public.