Date History of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and its Products
1988 Launch of Sarasaty, series of panty liner, in Japan market.
1983 Toyama Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd was established.
1980 As the pioneer of the market, a large scaled logistics centre for pharmaceuticals was set up.
1975 Launch of Sawaday, the deodorant for bathroom use, in Japan market.
1966 Launch of Ammeltz, famous for its effect on relieving shoulder or low back pain and stiffness, in Japan market.
1956 Kobayashi Daiyakubo Co Ltd (Kobayashi Drugstore) merged with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (old name), the pharmaceutical department. The whole company was then renamed as Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Kobayashi Shoji succeeded all the wholesaling businesses of pharmaceuticals of Tokyo and Osaka branches.
1940 Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (old name) was established after separation with production department of Kobayashi Daiyakubo Co Ltd.
1919 22 AUGUST – Nagoya Seidaido merged with Osaka Kobayashi Daiyakubo to establish Kobayashi Daiyakubo Co Ltd in West Osaka, Japan.
1919 22 AUGUST – Headquarter was in Osaka and the branch was in Nagoya.
1912 Osaka Kobayashi Daiyakubo Limited Partnership was established in East Osaka, Japan.
1894 Private division for sale of pharmaceuticals was established.
1888 Department for wholesaling of pharmaceuticals was established.
1886 The founder, Mr. Kobayashi established the Kobayashi Seidaido in Nagoya, Japan. The main businesses included sale of groceries, cosmetics and liquors.

Date History of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and its Products
1999 20 APRIL – Listed in Osaka Securities Exchange Co Ltd (2nd Sec.)
1998 Shanghai Kobayashi Daily Chemicals Co Ltd was established in Shanghai, China for manufacture of Sawaday, the deodorant for bathroom formerly.
1998 Kobayashi Healthcare, Inc was established in the U.S.
1995 Launch of Shoshugen, the liquid deodorant, in Japan market.
1994 Sendai Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd was established in Sendai, Japan, the manufacturing plant location for Ammeltz.
1994 Launch of Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheet in Japan market.
1992 Kobayashi Medical, department of medical device business, was established.
1992 New corporate principles and vision for 21st century was released.
1991 Launch of Nodonool Spray, pharmaceutical for sore throat, in Japan market.
1990 Launch of Underarm Sweat Sheet in Japan market.
1990 New design of curved neck bottle for Ammeltz was released in Japan market.
Date History of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and its Products
2009 01 APRIL – KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established
2006 Kobayashi Healthcare Germany GmbH was established in Germany.
2003 Launch of “Tochu Tea”, the healthy tea drink, in Japan market.
2002 “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Co Ltd.” was established in Hong Kong
2002 Tochu Tea Healthcare Business was transferred from “Hitachi Zosen Corporation”
2001 Take-over Kiribai Chemical Co Ltd famous for its production and sale of heating pads. Website: HTTP://WWW.KIRIBAI.CO.JP
2001 Kobayashi Healthcare Europe Ltd was established in Europe for manufacture and sale of Cooling Gel Sheet, named Kool‘n’Soothe.
2001 Kobayashi Shoji, the subsidiary company of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd was separated. Kobashou Inc was then established.
2000 22 AUGUST – Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange Co Ltd (1st Sec.)
2000 Corporate Regulations were adopted.
Date History of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and its Products
2020 Made Alva-Amco Pharmacal Companies, Inc., a U.S. company involved in a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, into a subsidiary
2019 Made Meitanhompo Co.,Ltd., a health foods manufacturer, into a subsidiary
2018 Established Kobayashi (China) Co., Ltd in China Acquired Jiangsu Zhongdan pharmaceutical Co,. Ltd, a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, and changed the company name to Jiangsu Kobayashi pharmaceutical Co,. Ltd.
2017 Acquired exclusive marketing rights in Japan for Bioil from Union Swiss(Pty) Ltd (headquartered in South Africa) Established The Kobayashi Foundation
2016 Acquired monascus purpureus business from GUNZE LIMITED Made perfecta products, Inc., a U.S. company involved in the planning and sales of OTC pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, into a subsidiary
2015 Acquired Ganyaku Hitifuku brand from Hitifuku Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Dissolved its joint venture with U.S. company Bard International Inc. and sold all its shares to Medicon, Inc.
2013 Made Rokuyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a pharmaceutical product, quasi-pharmaceutical product, and cosmetics manufacturer, into a subsidiary Established Kobayashi Healthcare Australia Pty., Ltd. in Australia Transferred all Japan Medicalnext Co., Ltd. shares to Mitsubishi Corporation Akihiro Kobayashi is appointed as the sixth president Established Kobayashi Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand Made Juju Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a cosmetics manufacturer, into a subsidiary
2012 Made Grabber, Inc., a body warmer manufacturer in the U.S., a subsidiary Established PT. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Indonesia in Indonesia Established Hefei Kobayashi Daily Products Co., Ltd. in China Transferred 80% of Kobayashi Medical Co., Ltd. shares to Mitsubishi Corporation
2011 Transferred all eVent Medical INC. shares in a management buy-out Established Kobayashi Healthcare (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia Established Kobayashi Pharmaceutical (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. in Taiwan